Our services

Our primary mission is to provide a wide range of professional services to lawyers, solicitors and barristers. All Partners have their individual areas of specialization and are also known for their expertise in these fields. This provides a unique benefit to our clients. While each partner works individually with their clients, the resources of the other partners remain readily available to client. In difficult or extremely complex cases the client can call upon the expertise and resources off all the partners.

Professional Trustee or Accounting Services are also available, as a senior partner is also an accredited CPA in addition to admittance to the bar.

All Partners correspond in multiple languages, making it easier for international clients to resolve their legal claims in Germany (Austria included). This also offers our clients in Germany more effective assistance with legal cases in foreign countries. If necessary the partners can call upon the resources of our network of corresponding colleagues in major cities in many foreign countries.

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Our law firm is fundamentally structured as a “general” law firm, offering the entire range of services that can be provided by a German lawyer.

The individual partners have worked their way through various fields of expertise and professional development in such a way, that in addition to the their general law capabilities, competence in specialist fields has been gained to the benefit of our clients. Which lawyer that is assigned to the client is not important, because the lawyers continually exchange knowledge and experience besides providing support to other partners on difficult issues. Often the internal legal research in the background is assigned to one or more partners.

Due to the additional professional qualification of a partner as a Certified Public Account (CPA), additional services involving auditing or fiduciary services are also offered. Since the partners are fluent in foreign languages, foreign clients can be helped to solve a wide range of problems in the German-speaking area. German clients benefit as well in enforcing their rights abroad, where qualified colleagues in our international network are usually involved on-site.